We start with dreaming

April 18, 2018

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can”

These three simple statements, comprising a quote by the remarkable Arthur Ashe are the answer to those big questions we ask ourselves in Life.  You know the ones:  “How do I find happiness?”, “Where do I find love?”, “What will give my life meaning” and many, many more.

What makes this such a brilliantly useful quote is that the starting point is right now.  Here.  Not yesterday, not tomorrow.  You simply draw the line in the sand at this given moment and say: “Enough!  I am starting on my journey now”. 


But how do you find your own unique pathway to this happy life?


The second part of the quote answers this question perfectly: “Use what you have”. 

Only you hold the answer to how you want to live.  Only you can identify what is truly meaningful to your existence.  And how do you discover the key to your happiness?  You must use YOUR IMAGINATION.  Not just use it but trust it.  All of the advances and creative expressions made on the planet each day are the direct consequence of an individual or groups of individuals harnessing their limitless imaginations.  All of this power and energy resides within us too but we have to remind ourselves how to let these potent dreams and creative thoughts flow.  Too much distraction and chatter insulate us from those miraculous quiet times when we sit with our thoughts and allow our inner truths and wisdom to emerge.


Dreaming takes practice.  We have to undo so much negative conditioning.  We have to unwind years and years of thoughts and actions born out of fear, insecurity and shame that have pushed us into lives that stifle the beauty and hope that lie within us. 


So make room in your life to dream.  Create images and films within your psyche where you are the centre of a happy, productive, meaningful existence.  You can build on the same dreams each day, giving them more detail and clarity.  What you will discover is that overtime the dream takes on a shape and structure very different from how it began.  As you move freely within this imagined space, your confidence in how you want your life to look and feel becomes more authentic.  You dream with determination seeing not only the pathway emerge to where you want to go but also seeing the roadway beyond your current dream open up towards a glorious and limitless horizon.


Whether you are standing in a queue in the supermarket, sitting in your car in traffic, having a lie-in on a Sunday morning, take whatever moment you can and step into your dream.  You are the architect of your future and your dreams are the blue prints!


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